Social Impact
The Modern Social – Give your life meaning through real impact
23. November 2021
You don't want your life to be in vain, you want to make a difference? Your job, the clothes you wear, the food you eat - everything ideally creates meaning. But why is that actually so important? Is it a trend? We'd say nope, it's the new age. One where we want to be human and support each other - and it can be really easy to create social impact. 

Live consciously and find fulfillment

The hurdle to donate proactively is high for many. Somehow you have to decide what for. What are the most important issues right now? And where does my money help the most?

Germans donate an average of five billion euros a year, but in turn spend 255 billion euros on consumer goods. What does that tell us? It means that the concept around social action has fundamentally changed. Our value system is finding a whole new meaning in the age of great abundance. No longer blindly buying and consuming, but shopping and consuming with brains. With every bite and every new shirt, we want to be able to make a difference. Our raison d'être is not characterized by mere existence, but should also fill something. We want to leave traces, set a course, have an influence - and do it socially. Doing good while living the life we chose. 

We want it easy, we want it now.

Companies feel this at every turn and understand it: consumers not only carry more social responsibility with them, but also a sense of duty that companies must increasingly live up to. The message is: social influence must also be possible in a different way. Without much effort, without much back and forth. We want it easy, we want it now. So the question is whether you can do good by consuming - because consumption is somehow our thing after all. You want to improve the world quickly, but preferably on the go, because we're busy and all that? Search no more, we hear you! 

Doing good without much effort

We at share want impact. Social impact. And really a lot of it. That's why we've made it our mission to make it as easy as possible for you to do good. Faster and easier than clicking the donate button on a homepage. Everyone can share messages on Instagram - we do it right: in real life. We'll pick you up wherever you always have been anyway, at the supermarket, on the plane to your vacation, or at the drugstore. How does it work? We share what you buy to live with someone who needs it to survive. Automatically, every day. Uncomplicated and direct. And we don't want to be anonymous, we want to show you what a smart decision can do.  You can see transparently where your help is going via the QR code that you will find on each of our products - not only for the good feeling, but above all so that you know where you are helping. This way, you can see what you are supporting with your purchase - because every product supports a specific social project somewhere in this world.

First goals and big visions

What we have achieved so far is impressive (without patting ourselves on the back too much): Thanks to smart consumers, more than 70 million relief efforts have been made possible, we’ve been able to distribute 18 million portions of food worldwide, 32 million days of drinking water and 7 million days of sanitary use have been generated through share. More numbers? Hell yeah. 182 more wells and pumps now exist in Africa and Asia because of us and your right choice in the supermarket, and we were able to make one million lessons possible. These are numbers that your head can't even imagine, but that doesn't mean anything bad per se. Because we don't want to think in terms of limits anyway, but in terms of visions. The lowest common denominator for all of us: Sharing is caring - and we live that in every respect.

Above all, these figures are proof that we are in the process of creating a new kind of society. "Compassion doesn't really exist anymore" individuals may now think: but hey, how good is it that you can do good for others without sacrificing? Just choose a Social Impact Brand and make an impact. Luckily, there are a whole lot of other smart people who share a similar vision, and of course we've teamed up with them. To make the impact even bigger.

What we do

Our society is changing. We define the spirit of the zeitgeist by setting a new direction - with more purpose and the goal of creating something greater. We stand not only for a better future, but for a better now. And we do it together, meaning: collectively, everything goes better, through real impact. If you think this is too visionary and too much rose-colored glasses for you: no problem. You don't have to consciously create social impact - just choose cool products. Do good without even realizing it. We'll help you do it. 

This is Modern Social. Be a part of it (if you aren’t already).